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Services Offered

Private In-Home Training and Behavioral Solutions

Private In-Home Training means I come to your home and work with you and your dog one-on-one.  Behavioral Solutions means that I work with dogs with behavioral issues.  I have experience not limited to, but including working with aggressive, fearful, reactive, anxious, and hyper-active dogs.  If your dog’s behavior concerns you, I have solutions!

8Since everyone is different, and may have different preferences in terms of learning style, or may need to work around different schedules, the frequency and length of sessions is flexible, and can be tailored to suit you better.  In general, however, sessions run approximately 1 hour, after an initial assessment which tends to be about 1.5 hours.

Initial Assessment

In your Initial Assessment we will discuss the behaviors you struggle with, and the changes you would like to see in your dog.  We will set goals and expectations, determine your priorities, and create a training plan.  We will then get started immediately and I will leave you with some new skills to bring your stress level down right away.

Initial Assessment Cost: $100.00

Private Training Sessions

For all following private sessions I will give you step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, and ensure that you are comfortable with each step before moving on to the next.  I will help you to understand how your dog’s mind works to ensure success in your training efforts.  Sessions are scheduled according to the plan determined in the Initial Assessment, and include support between appointments via email or phone for any questions you may have, or difficulties you may face.  Each session will include a “homework” sheet to summarize what we talked about, and what you will be working on until our next session.

Private Training Session Cost: $80.00 per hour.  (Sessions billed to the nearest 15 minute mark after the first hour.)

Responsive Leash Training

Would you like it if your dog no longer tried to pull your arm out of your socket every time he saw a child, dog, cat, or skateboard?  Would you prefer not to need to outfit him in halters, choke collars, or squeeze harnesses?  Would you like to know how to handle situations that really get your dog worked up, or how to prevent this loss of control entirely?

Silver Valley 990In Responsive Leash Training I come to your home or neighborhood and work with you outdoors, facing the challenges you deal with every day.  This is so much more than your average “loose leash” walking class.  In Responsive Leash Training, you will learn how to gain your dog’s attention and cooperation, and will gain knowledge and confidence that you can handle whatever comes along on your walk.  Your dog will learn to look to you for guidance and leadership, and these skills will transfer to all other parts of your training routine.

You will improve your relationship with your dog, learn how to read his body language, and learn how to respond with your own posture and voice to communicate effectively with him.  You will learn how to tell him when to get excited, and when to stay calm!

This training is great for all breeds and sizes, shapes and ages!  We will work at YOUR pace!  Multiple clients are welcome, so bring the whole family or invite the neighbors!  The more the merrier!

Responsive Leash Training Cost: $60.00 per dog.

Requirements for Responsive Leash Training:

• Maximum 8 dogs per 1 hour class.  More can be discussed upon request.

• One dog per person unless otherwise agreed upon.

• Each person only needs to bring whatever you normally use to walk your dog (harness, halti, etc.) as well as a regular flat collar (non-choke), and a 6 foot leash.  (No retractable leashes please.)

• All dogs are welcome, however if aggression is an issue, a muzzle may be required for safety.  Please call ahead to discuss any concerns of this type.

Packages available:

11Private Training sessions can be purchased in packages.  The package options, and which would best suit your needs, are discussed in the initial assessment.  I work this way to prevent the purchase of more sessions than necessary, as some behaviors require more time than others to resolve.

Responsive Leash Training is also available in packages for multiple dogs in a session, or for multiple sessions.

Please note:

• All training is done in your home, yard, or in public locations if appropriate.

• I serve Edmonton and surrounding area.  Travel fees apply outside of the Anthony Henday.

• All private training plans also include email & telephone support.

• Responsive Leash Training, due to it’s outdoor nature, is scheduled on a weather permitting basis.  These sessions may be rescheduled due to heavy rain, high winds, or temperatures below -20C.

CancellationsFees for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, and missed appointments, will not be refunded.  Any refunds due to extenuating circumstances will be at my own discretion.

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