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Thank you Sharan for helping Tyra with her pen behaviour. By the end of Sharan’s visit, Tyra and all the other dogs in the boarding area were behaving so nicely, and it was soooooo quiet.

– PAWS Rescue

I attended a training class taught by Sharan. My 4 year old puggle Bailey got the idea right away. The feedback from Sharan (ie my dog was looking at me just by turning her head a bit and I didn’t realize I had her attention) has made a difference in how I read my dog. I went home and tried the techniques with our new 4 month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel – and now he’s walking nicely beside me too! A big thank you to Sharan.

– Shona Nichols

I was so happy I knew someone I trust as much as you to recommend! Thanks Sharan

- Laurie Thieson, Owner/Trainer PAWSitive Destiny Training Academy Inc.



Sharan is a great trainer. She has helped our dog Vinnie come a long way. He used to have very bad leash, food, and guarding issues and now since working with Sharan we have seen a great improvement in all of his previous issues. We would recommend her to anyone who wanted help with their dog.

- Brittany Porter and Jarrett Lyon

Sharan is fantastic with the dogs!  I was impressed.

- Shirley Lewis, PAWS for Life Foundation volunteer

I have known Sharan for several years, and she has always been highly interested in what makes dogs tick … and how to help the dog and their person to learn new ways.  She has helped me with one of my adopted dogs who came to us with severe anxiety and reactivity toward other dogs.  …  This really increased my awareness and understanding of my dog’s comfort levels and how to prevent and prepare for different situations.  …  She has helped me and the other P.A.W.S. volunteers in numerous ways especially by showing us  … how to handle dogs with specific issues.  …   I am excited that Sharan is starting her own business in something she truly loves and delights in doing:  she will help a lot of dogs and their people!

 -  Excerpt from letter by Jo-Ann Siebert, volunteer coordinator PAWS for Life Foundation

I had the opportunity to first work with Sharan Gill 7 years ago …  Even at that time I was impressed by … the intuitive training style that she exhibited.  Since then … Sharan and I have had the opportunity to team teach, working with dogs with reactivity issues, and I found her to be creative at problem solving, and motivating, with an excellent eye for reading dog body language.

Those choosing to work with Sharan will find she is approachable and knowledgeable, able to teach dog owners how to work with their dogs to train basic obedience or correct problem behaviors.  As an educator and professional dog trainer, I recognize the skills that Sharan offers to dog owners, and have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending her services.

- Excerpt from letter by Kris Rooney, B.Ed., CPDT-KA of Ministik Hills Dog Training & Consulting



Rufus, an 8 yr old Chesapeake Bay retriever and Maremma/border collie cross and I have been working with Sharan on and off for a couple of years.  We no longer have what I once considered unpredictable outbursts; I’ve started to be able to pick up on his subtle body cues before he reaches the point of either freak-out or shutdown.  When I do miss that initial cue, his reactions are not as intense as they used to be.  …   Thanks to him being able to relax, and me being able to realize when he does begin to get stressed, walks are now more enjoyable as we are able to proceed past many of his previous triggers with a big inner smile.  …  The strides we’ve made  …  are starting to add up and starting to expand both of our worlds.

At 1.5 years old, Rufus was deemed hopeless by a trainer and it was suggested that he be put down.  I’m very thankful that Sharan [was] able to look past his history and my nerves and give us a chance.  With Sharan’s knowledge, patience, and what I believe is a magic wand she hides up her sleeve, we are continuing to move forward.  We have a ways yet to go, but I now look forward to new challenges and experiences.

-excerpt from letter by Darla Chimko